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Actually, Surf is the second sport more praticed in all world, and Portugal is privileged for the best waves to pratice of waves sports, it is like a giant beach.

Portugal is now renown as a paradise for all the waves sportsmen. Miles and miles of coast for where the lovers of this modality travel incessantly to look the magical wave, that one to increase adrenaline for the imaginable.

Surf Spot Portugal fills an important space in the offer for this sport. Also, it facilites a trip to millions strangers surfers that all years come to Portugal and it pretends, with all the offer available, to dynamize the turism in the coastal zones.

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Surf Spots Portugal Guide


  • The best 212 Spots to Surf (100%)
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  • Disponible in Portuguese and English (100%)
  • Important informations for surfer (100%)

Why the SSP?

Want to surf in portuguese coast and islands? Surf Spots Portugal conduct you in this trip!

For offer 212 of best spots of surf at Portugal, SSP gives to practitioners of waves all the ideal conditions for a good practice of sports. Now you can know the best beaches to practice this sports and also the best sea, wind, swell and crowd conditions.

Beyond beachs and its informations, the guide SSP has establishments related with surf (surf schools, surf camps, surf shops and shapers) and locals of accommodation and restaurants, where you leave your adventure.

The Guide

It suitable for all lovers of waves, Surf Spots Portugal aims to fill an important gap in the structure of supply of this sport, and especially internationally, facilitating travel to the thousands of foreign surfers who every year visit the country and boosting tourism in these regions.

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Distribuition Points

  • »  Algarve

  • »  North

  • »  Lisbon

  • »  Center

  • »  Azores

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