Surf Spots Portugal Guide (2015)

Adventure you for 212 spots that Portugal has for you and enjoy the best that the sea has to give!

The waves await for you!

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Surf Spots Portugal explores, of way simple and succinct, the existents conditions for pratice of modality with the correct identification and sinalization of "hot-spots" and it supply the information turistic and technique about each spot. This guide will be elaborated with the testimony and colaboration of the area's profissionals and locals surfers.

Beyond the promotion of waves sports in Portugal and all the establishments related with a modality (surf schools, surf shops and surf camps), Sur Spots Portugal will promote the turism at villages and coast cities, namely the locals of accommodation and restaurants. This guide will serve as an instrument of support to turism agents regarding to modality and all the coastal zone.

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4.50 out of 5

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The Guide

It suitable for all lovers of waves, Surf Spots Portugal aims to fill an important gap in the structure of supply of this sport, and especially internationally, facilitating travel to the thousands of foreign surfers who every year visit the country and boosting tourism in these regions.

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