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Surf Spots Portugal - The Guide that was missing

What you can have by purchasing of this Guide? Order now!

  • 212 Spots for Surf practice
  • Waves, Bottom, Sweel and Crowd Information
  • Information about each beach and which modality more adequate
  • Where to sleep, eat, which schools, shops and surf camp that are the closest
  • Available in Portuguese and English
  • Portuguese coast and Islands map
  • Exclusive Code for online Consult and Surf Card request
  • Easy transport and super low price


Surf World News!

The Guide

It suitable for all lovers of waves, Surf Spots Portugal aims to fill an important gap in the structure of supply of this sport, and especially internationally, facilitating travel to the thousands of foreign surfers who every year visit the country and boosting tourism in these regions.

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Distribuition Points

  • »  Algarve

  • »  North

  • »  Lisbon

  • »  Center

  • »  Azores

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